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160 leaflets and manuscripts
1300 newspaper issues
120 newspaper titles
The Great Patriotic War forever entered the history of Belarus as one of the brightest pages of the struggle for the Motherland. The underground and partisan movement played a huge role in the anti-fascist struggle. In the occupied territory of the BSSR, there were underground regional committees, city committees, district committees and primary party organizations of the Communist Party, which controlled the activities of partisan detachments and brigades, as well as underground Komsomol and anti-fascist organizations.
Press issues were handled by underground party committees. As a result of intense organizational work, the underground press in Belarus gained powerful development. Its main purpose was to mobilize the people to fight the invaders and to help expand and strengthen the partisan movement. On the territory of Belarus 10 regional and 50 regional underground printing houses were created. In total, over the period of the occupation, more than 160 newspaper titles were published in the BSSR.
The project presents electronic copies of documents - newspapers, leaflets, posters, magazines, manuscript materials created by underground and partisan detachments from the collections of the National Library of Belarus, the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War and the National Archive of the Republic of Belarus. Documents are of great value for studying the history of the Great Patriotic War by contemporaries and future generations.

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